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Wednesday, March 31, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

Exclamation mark mark mark

Notice how the modernisation era can create more weirdos? I'm talking about the people, stuff, and err, stuff. Some of them could be exciting, while the 'other some' just has to go. I browsed through the internet and this was what I found :

GPS platforms

weird scale: 3/10

This thing can protect the street walkers okaaayyy. They have a built in audible alarm to scare off attackers, and when the alarm is triggered, lo and behold...police force to the rescue! Interesting part is, these platforms were firstly designed and created for PROSTITUTES since they're always always 'stationed' at dark alleys with druggies and peeps and serial killers and whatnot.

Girl power? Uhuh.

I bet the guys will love this

a keybag

weird scale: 4.5/10

Hey don't get me wrong. It's pretty cool and stylish to be honest. Heads may turn=ego boost. But it's just a lil too weird...

Girls, watchu think? :S


weird scale: 5/10

Matilah ikan tiap-tiap hari tgk people's back everyday. Hidup pun tak berkat. Baik bunuh diri. My kerazy instincts tell me I should have it one day. But poor poor fishes...so it's still a NO. haha.

kari kumbang

weird scale: 6/10

The bug curry itself is not weird, but the producing and packaging factory is! They even managed to put in "A Tasty Nutritious Bug Snack" moto.

How exotic. yum yum.

Lady Gaga

weird scale: 9/10

Her fashion sense is just...freakish and horrifying...babies would cry when they see her, cats would go Meowwwwwwwwwwwww pakkkkk!!! *langgar dinding* and hantu resign jadi hantu. Plus, I wonder how she can see in all THAT...

Lady Gaga tak tau HSE tu ape kot... :P


Lady Ga Go!!!

weird scale: 11/10

*standing ovation*

sexy chick absorbing some UV ray...

he/she has grown very popular in facebook and I bet all of you readers know her. Some even had established an anti-club of Lady Ga Go. So I guess maybe because he/she cannot tahan all the media, spotlights and paparazzi's attention that he/she deleted his/her facebook account. Pity. Who knows people are just soo over you! he/she should have posted Gossip Girls's signature: YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME.



7:50 PM

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

who next?

your mother.

who next?

your mother?

and then your father.

On 28th December 1992, our family went through a very rough patch. My dad died. Since then, my mother has taken the role of both father and mother to me and my brother. First of all she had to find a job because she quit hers when she couldn't bear my brother's pleads and cries every morning when we both were taken to the babysitter (she was working as a clerk then). Then my mom found a job and worked really hard since she has suddenly taken the responsibility to feed 3 mouths. So now and then when I started to have negative thoughts on the toughest days I would think of my mom.

Being the youngest, yes, I am a (very) spoiled brat given the privilege that my mom always have a soft spot on me (sori abang!). She would rarely turn down my wants and needs, though I still am confused between the two. Haha.

I was still drinking milk from the bottle when this pix was taken. Sad.

She was always away on her job. I hated it so much that I once hid her flight ticket. But she managed to buy another ticket on the same day anyway. T.T She would normally book her flight time way before dawn, when I was still asleep. Once I found out that she was nowhere to be seen I'l cry and cry till my grandparents had to bring me to my favourite place on earth: The Kuching Waterfront.

The best part was when she brought me along for her worktrip to places like Thailand, Shanghai and Germany. I totally love her for that!

relax, it was jz a toy cigaratte. and that beer? i found it from the counter and for sure i did not drink it! I think i wanted to display the 'mafia look'...

However, if possible, to give her daughter some 'adult thinking' on the bad side of the big big world she would tell me some of her stories starting with "when I was a little girl.......". Well, when I was a little girl, I would normally frown at that statement since it meant just another lecture for me. But later on the years I know behind all this, lies wisdom which a mother is trying to pass to her child.

my mom's version of: when I was a little girl....

-she used to hate going to school because the only road available had maaaaany snakes. Everyday (she solemnly claimed so) a snake would slide out from the long tall grass, and once it had stopped, straighten its back in a defensive manner right in front of her. But luckily it did not attack.

moral of story:

if she was able to attend school without using THAT as an excuse to skip class, then what are the odds for me skipping lectures?

-being poor she had no money to buy shoes that are padded with multifabrics and rubber for comfort and all that. so she had to walk on those pair of shoes which were ultra-thin, that on hot sunny days her little feet had burn marks.

moral of story:

as long as your feet shows no sign of burn marks, don't waste money on buying new shoes. (this i feel like a hypocrite writing since now I have soo many kasut! aiyo!)

need.to.stop.shoeholic.disease. T.T

-having 10 siblings and the eldest sister in the family, she had to babysit (almost all the time) her younger brothers and sisters. it was a tough one, since my uncles and aunts were very naughty back then. my mom once caught her baby sister eating mud and rocks from the backyard and her toddler brother 'ran away' to the neighbour's house across the street - beliau merajuk sebab mak tak kasi duit kaler merah! -.-"

moral of story:

handle your responsibilities well. and don't complain, because life is teaching you to be a better person.

And she always slip in some stories of her being popular among the school kids. And i assure you dear readers, she was and still is beautiful and sizzling. Ulalala!

Growing up she never had the chance to play with REAL toys. So to compensate for that she bought me Barbie dolls and all those girly stuff she couldn't have gotten back in her younger days. Now she digs computer games, aka ZUMA!!!

pemain ZUMA tegar

Words could not describe how blessed I am to have her.




7:11 PM

the stories that happened yesterday

I got this from CLEO March edition and find it intriguing...

Megan Fox

"I'm horrible to live with. I don't clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, 'Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn't flush'."

*dies in hysterical laugh*

That's probably why God made you soo rich Megan, so you can hire a full time butler!



8:56 AM

Monday, March 29, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

maluuu, i am soo maluuu...

It annoys me when some people are just so oblivious to their surroundings.

Picture this:

Once upon a time on a beautiful hot day, you are walking to class. Then suddenly you saw someone (subject A) that is particularly your friend since the two of you have met and worked together in an event. So normally you would smile or say 'Hi' la kan?

I gave Subject A a warm smile. And so did Subject A. I wasn't even half a meter away when Subject A asked friends in a disbelief yet inhumane tone: "Dia senyum kat aku ke tadi???". Weyh. Omaigot. Tolongla. Mestila aku senyum kat ko. Ko tak ingat aku ke? Padahal ko yang add aku dlm facebook, Gtalk. Omaigot. It felt kinda retarded. Besides, could you like at least be a couple of meters away before saying that? How come betullah you...

Nevermind, I thought. That was probably nothing compared to the humiliation you'll get when you smile to a person and that person did not do the same thing back. Or WORSE, you smiled and waved to the WRONG person!!! Oh maluuuuuuuuuuuuu............

Moving on, you are still walking and walking...till someone calls upon you - Subject B.

You: Eh hi!

Subject B: Hi!

It was quiet for a while because you were so tired from all the walking since your room and lecture hall are almost 800km apart. And you are still trying to breathe in some air for your already pancit lungs. But for the sake of breaking the awkward silence, you thought of something nice to say.

You: Dah makan ke?

Subject B: Dah.

Then right about when you wanted to say something else Subject B walks into a different direction, without saying buhbye, see ya or i gtg. At least, some courtesy... Ni tak, rase mcm terputus mcm tu je. Cacated. So what do you guys think? Are you feeling the tergantung-ness or am I just exagerrating? Huhuhu~


8:06 PM

Saturday, March 27, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

clear-radiant face

lately i have been indulging myself into montagne jeunesse's facial mask. they come in all sorts of how should i say...flavour? before this i have been using body shop's product of facial mask, the results are great, but they are just too boring. yes, i am very choosy! :P

with montagne jeunesse (chey, nada promote), my skin feels smoother, cleaner, and revitalized i should say. it is recommended to apply the mask 2-3 times a week to have a better outcome. my favourite of all would be... *drumrolls*


i totally fell in love with the fragrance...it's like you smoothing cooled melted chocolate on your face. it smelled 100% like chocolate that i almost wanted to lick my own face! well i licked the one from the packet, it tasted urgh... i put on the mask due to many reasons:

a. i needed a freshstart
b. stressed
c. to cool myself down tatkala housemate memekik melolong macam hape entah
d. crisis with my bf
e. to reward myself of course!

guys, not to worry... because guess what? montagne jeunesse also have for-male masks, foot scrubs and whatnot. now who say guys don't need facial treatment eh?

i first bought the mask when i had a thought: if you don't love and care for yourself, then who else would? so i spend my last rm10 on packets of it. and it was worth it.

so people, what's your pick? :)


11:17 PM

the stories that happened yesterday

Hey these are fun!

Paris, ko xde keje lain ke nak stalk aku? menyampah i...


12:07 AM

Friday, March 26, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

the promiscous kitty

I was shocked. This cat is pregnant again! And I bet that its kittens are less than a few months old ONLY. Boleh tahan la you cat. She was as if knew that I was horrified by her latest pregnancy that she tried to scratch me!!! How come you CAT!

ok that's all for my latest UTP gossip. HAHA


10:25 PM

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

Well I can't explain why it's not enough, cause I gave it all to you

And if you leave me now, oh just leave me now

It's the better thing to do

It's time to surrender

It's been too long pretending

Theres no use in trying

When the pieces don't fit anymore, pieces don't fit here anymore...


8:22 PM

Sunday, March 21, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

And the walls are closing up...

Today is the last day of my mid-sem break. fare well online games, so long waking-up-at-noons, buhbye lazing all day around... *sobs*

for this one week of nothingness i got to chillax after hectic week of exams, in which one of them i totally screwed (i'm not surprised if i failed it). the reason behind this screwness is that i'm a claustrophobic. apekah itu claustrophobic? mai saya eksplen...claustrophobia is a syndrome where you get scared of being closed up in a space. in my case, i can get a cold feet when in the exam hall-literally and technically. dahla aircon kuat, ish!

oooh matilaaaa akuuuuuu!

plus on that screwed-the-test day, i sat next to one of my intelligent coursemates. the test was given an hour. i did my revision, so i got no worries about that. but then again, all that forcefully accumulated knowledge were useless for me on that day. the invigilator announced we can start and i saw people around me with their heads down, each praying that the test goes well. a minute later, the sound of papers rustling were very sharp to my ears. i tried to concentrate, but i can't. i was half way doing my first question when the corner of my eye caught the person sitting next to me-my intelligent coursemate. she was doing the questions like it was so simple, so light, and so...fast...i swallowed. omaigot she has reached the second question! omaigot omiagot.

i exhaled...hookay, i thought...let's just finish this stupid paper and be done with it. i did the first question without a double check and continued with the second question. it was about probability. damnit, i've read this question, but no matter how i racked my brains i still can't figure out how to solve it. flip flip. my 'neighbour' has started doing the last question, i presumed. and does the room looked as if they can sandwich me? why does the room suddenly looked smaller? suddenly my brain came to a halt. i could not think and my ears started to focus on the surroundings, the sound of people coughing, people blowing their nose in the distance, footsteps by the watchful invigilators, and even my own unstable breathing. i looked at my paper again, scribbled some solutions, and skipped those i had no idea of. damn damn damn.

oh how my heart rejoiced at the third question. at least this is very logical, i can do it, i thought. but then, came the fourth question. THE HORROR i tell you. it was due 10mins left till time runs out. Crap! how could i have taken such a long time! and this last question dahla nampak susah! great. so, i did what i profesionally could do-tembak!!!

ok, less than 1 minute left. instead of checking my paper, i looked around. some seats were empty i noticed. they must have gone out earlier maybe cos' the paper was soo damn easy for them. yes, HOW COME THEY??? hookay, concentrate on your failing paper suria...i had only 1 question i was uber confident with the answers. the rest of the questions, well... T.T

i know the lecturer would not give a retest, so i must make sure i do it well with the second test. hope the screwness wouldn't happen again. wuwuwu~

today i went down to ipoh and bought a plant. i placed it on my table. hope it wouldn't die like my cactii. ya, keempat-empat telah pergi ke rahmatullah.

please don't die please don't die...

UTP is soo hot! on our way back to UTP it was raining cats and dogs in the Ipoh area but as soon as we were near UTP, the rain stopped. No, it was as if the rain never really touched the ground here. Anis said that probably UTP was cursed. yes, maybe. UTP, you are cursed beacuse your food sucks and there are too many cow shits outside. when i first came here i had never put a thought on what the black things are by the road side. until one day...me and my friends were walking to the bus stop. i pointed to the 'black thing' and looked closer. it looked like cement. hmm, i thought, maybe the workers left piles of cement here. but hey, how come weeds are growing out of it? i asked my friends. and then i finally hear the magic words: "itu tahi lembu la suriaaaa". damn. how come you lembu!!!

i have class starting at 8 tomorrow, ends at 5pm. just like office hours. oh how i 'love' it. im lovin it! i miss mcD's prosperity burger...without it i no longer have the 'feeling' to go mcD. T.T aiyo i start to crave bout food again, just like Sherene does. I also have a list wowo :

presenting my top ten craves:

1. sambal sotong
2. wantan mee
3. laksa swak
4. ikea swedish meatballs
5. lemon chicken
5. midin belacan
6. umai
7. kacang ma
8. bbq stingray
9. sayo berlada
10. cantonese kueh tiaw

you guys are soo wonderful and tasty, i can have food orgasm. *drools*

i want to play online games now la. so sekian terima kasih. :P :P :P


9:28 PM