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Monday, May 31, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

I don't need a parachute 
Baby, if I've got you 
Baby, if I've got you 
I don't need a parachute 
You're gonna catch me 
You're gonna catch if I fall 
Down, down, down 


1:36 PM

Sunday, May 30, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday





remember the post that i did on my KL trip? if you don't then click here .

well if it wasn't because of my roomie's carefree gift box i surely wouldn't have known that the girl i had mistaken for Hunny Madu was actually......

Scha Al-Yahya!!!!!!!

the moment i recall back my rendezvous with her, i feel so embarrassed! what would she think? like, how a famous actress like her had been mistakenly known for some other Malaysian artist. 

Gaaaaaarh! *smacks forehead*

and no wonder she looked kinda familiar to me. she starred in Awan Dania and KL drift!!! HOW COULD I POSSIBLY HAD NOT KNOWN???

Gaaaaarh!!! *smacks forehead again*

and this time i'm 101% sure that it is DEFINITELY her because i remember spotting a tiny mole somewhere above her upper lip. 

can you see it? can or CANNOT???

I am soo sorry for the mistaken identity Scha :( 

will try to improve my artist radar plus trusted identification and not just jump in front of them and ask, "hi are you Hunny Madu?" from now on.

and hey, what are the odds that i had actually found pictures of HUNNY MADU AND SCHA TOGETHER??? DON'T THEY LOOK ALIKE???

*heart break*


p/s: wanna smack my forehead harder this time but afraid will damage my already tired brain. gotta be kind to the brain for this finals!


5:39 PM

Saturday, May 29, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

Come stop your crying
It will be all right
Just take my hand Hold it tight

I will protect you
from all around you
I will be here
Don't you cry


11:23 AM

Friday, May 28, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

I is bored.


7:13 PM

Thursday, May 27, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

the call

2 days ago i received a very mysterious yet hilarious phone call.

man: do not look back! there's a cop following you.....

suria: ah?

man: do not look back. there's a cop following you....

suria: aaaah?

man: *coughs* do not look back. you have a cop following you.....

suria: what? ah?

man: donotlookbackacopisfollowingyou.

suria: *looks back, and sees her clothes hanging in the wardobe*

man's friend: *thailand thailand thailand*

-hangs up-

i looked at the phone in a daze, trying to 'access' the situation. that was my friend Sermphon. he and his buds must have gotten the wrong person.....by thinking that the person in front of them was me! and that person happened to be driving with a cop behind!

aha! case solved.

OMG it was So. Cute. nice try though, for i was instantly nervous for no good reason!!!!

and the last conversation would most likely be:

man: hey man that's NOT her!!! we got the wrong person!!!


p/s: you guys made my day :)

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1:11 AM

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

on 26 May 2010

the kuih pelita :)

chicken mcDeluxe maniac

the cheese cake fan

the one who used to wake the sleepyhead me for Subuh prayers

how i met your mother!

the one who always bungkus food for me since i was, and still too lazy to walk

the noisy Chadstone

the beautiful sister of a gorgeous brother

daughter of cute parents

the one who promised herself many many times to stay up but ended up sleeping next to her books instead. heh.

the keluang man side kick

the purple baju kurung *coughcoughSairacoughcough*

the one where facebook is a daily supplement :P

cat's worst nightmare :P :P :P

thank you for being my friend. thank you for being you.

all hail...

Maryam Farzanah @ yam @ mori @ ana

Have a happy birthday & all the best in exams!

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3:01 PM

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

my not-so-secret getaway

exams exams exams! i've been working my ass of lately for the finals. and honestly i still think that i could have done better for the papers. WAY better.

currently i have so many things in mind. mixed feelings. upset. confused. sad. clownish.

and i bet it's not because of my PMS because if it is, at least i have a reason to light things up a bit by blaming it on the hormones. and the more i think about it, the more upset i am. friends and loved ones have given me the support, but it is always easier said than done kan?

if i have a magic lamp/cawan/mangkuk/teko i would wish for an ability to teleport. i just have to close my eyes and wham! it's Damai resort!!! Holy Crap...

yeap, my not-so-secret getaway. my mom loves it there too. we used to just lepak there without registering as the resort's guest. (shhhh...we sneaked in!) and then my mom will choose to sit by her favorite beach chair and read a novel.

i was free to play around the resort. see hot mat salehs, see hot miss mat salehs, eat fish and chips by the pool bar, swimming, or just stand under the coconut tree with a face that says, "yo, am i or am i cool...?".

when my mom's friend asked her, "aren't you worried that your daughter's all by herself at the pool or beach? what if she gets drowned?".

and my mom just said, "Meh."

i love this spot.

being a lazy bum, i would normally hopped on those huge rocks to get to the lagoon. why waste time and energy to use the staircase i thought?

then it was all about the sea waves. the little holes made by the tiny crabs. soft sand beneath your feet. the salty smell. the wind blowing. old mat saleh couples basking under the sun. kids making sandcastle.

but ever since there's such things like high schools, periods, hiking oil price, resort's renovation and their newly strict entry we've been there for at most once a year! grrrr

oh Damai, i miss you. i love you baby!

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1:09 PM

Monday, May 24, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

hey sandy

no, not this sandy but this Sandy

or rather known as Dracaena Sanderiana. i've posted about my lil plant a while ago. believe it or not, i've just found out its name today (by the price tag that is still attached to it -.-")

i googled it and found out that i actually can make it twist into shapes by rotating it with respect to gravity and directed light sources. by all means, this would surely need some patience and a heck lot of time.


and i was also being informed that Sandy cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. knowing that i quickly dragged Sandy back into my room away from the UTP scorching sun.

then i continued reading. it says there that yellow leaf edges are caused by chlorinated water. tap water should be exposed to the air a day before plant use. uh oh, i thought. no wonder...

man, do i feel guilty.


12:00 AM

Friday, May 21, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

Too much of anything can make you sick

Even the good can be a curse

Makes it hard to know which road to go down

Knowing too much can get you hurt


1:37 PM

Thursday, May 20, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

what a downpour...

a gift to the UTPians

its light breeze.

light rain droplets by the window.

creating its own music.

the exhilarating sound of lightnings.

the exquisite coolness it gave.

the sweet smell of wet grass.

aahhh such long-awaited moment.

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9:35 PM

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

[achtung! the contents of this post might be disgusting to some people]

i was rather stressed with the coming exams, so i interviewed a couple of friends of a random topic.

Q: klau susah nak berak nak buat ape?

subject A: mkn pisang.. ape punye soklan daa..

subject B: erm. berusaha dgn lbeh gigih? haha

subject C: eeeuwww. cuba position yg lain.
subject D: tibe2 jadi doctor kan. haha. jap pikir. makan pisang byk2. fibre. kot.

subject E: sayur bagi senang digest. or minum teh.

Q: klau masih tak dpt gak?

subject A: xyah la berak.

[jawapan paling tak boleh blah! haha]

subject B: ambik chopstick, sepit dan tarik taik tu kelua. HAHAHAHAHAHA

subject C: ko gelek2 skit. pastu... inhale exhale 5 kali. pastu teran!

subject D: telan julap. or suh gi klinik la...

subject E: pegi klinik. mkn buah betik or pisang.

gee, erm thanks guys! so if you are having problems with beraking, feel free to choose any of the above advices. be it the chopstick or just cancel your berak plans. HAHA.

since we are talking about pooping and tahi all along, you might want to "refresh" your eyes and thoughts a little.

see? pretty pretty CLEAN flower...


12:00 AM

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

i think i am becoming stupid.

yes, stoopid. the more i say it, the weirder it sounded like. how did man created that word i wonder? hmm...

the other day i went to a place to eat satay. i also had to take away for my room mate and anis. so when the waitress asked me what to order, i had around 5 minutes to think and recount for how many ayam and daging i want.

my mind was working at a cacated snail's pace and i even didn't notice that i had left my mouth open with such a stupid sleepy face expression, trying to do the mental maths. fortunately my friends had helped me out. phew...

embarassing, totally! my exam's this week and i can't even count the simple stuff! ahh, must be brain fatigue. study week has left me feeling so stoopid. heh.

but it's okay, cause i'm not the only one stupid in this world. :P

stupidity and beyond!!!


10:07 AM

Saturday, May 15, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

study week


11:37 AM

Thursday, May 13, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday


my house mates are in Super Junior fever now. they can't stop talking about it!

one of my house mates would even wake up in the middle of the night just to download their latest concert perfomances by not only SuJu, but others too like Girl's Generation. they are the only groups that i know since i am pretty much protected from the "Korean Wave". HAHA

still i am not even interested in any of them. should i feel sad for myself? huhu


12:00 AM

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

is it you, is it you?

last weekend my boyfriend and i terrorized KL.

keyelll babeyh...

we went makan, shopping, jalan-jalan and watched Ip Man 2. it was absolutely fab. i seriously never thought it was based on a true story - which led to the birth of the legendary Bruce Lee.

sambal sotong. what UP??!!

and theeeen, as i walked into Forever 21, i noticed someone soo familiar. OMG! i thought...it's Hunny Madu!!!

i wanted to make sure so i followed her, while keeping a straight face. i was shocked when she suddenly spinned around. so i pretended to look interested at the clothes by the nearest rack. but to my utter horror i accidentally chose the wrong "cover act" since the rack was stocked with miniskirts, bare backs and all the things you would never see a women with hijabs wear.

fortunately Hunny Madu never seemed to notice. she was busy humming to the current track played by the store while picking out almost 4-6 clothes on her left arm. hmm rich kid. wonder how much being a Vj and Dj had cost her, i mused. what with her beautiful out of saloon locks, make up and Gucci tote.

hookay, she has walked north. walked FASTER suria.

then after a few considerable thoughts, i finally have the guts to confront her.

suria: erm, sekiuss me?

Hunny Madu: *turns with oh so mesmerizing eyes* yes?

suria: are you Hunny Madu?

Hunny Madu: hmm *looks around* no, i'm not her.

suria: really? oh...you look just like her... *wants to be buried underground*

Hunny Madu: *smile*

suria: sorry...

*head down, walked straight out of the store*

Dammit. even if it wasn't her i could have SWORN that i've seen her in tv. who is she then??? she looks like a combination of Hunny Madu and Marion Counter. anyone knows who???

gahhh i felt really dum dum. i've seen a lot of Malaysian artists in KL but never have the guts to approach and take pictures with them. so that explains my sudden go-for-it spirit in Forever 21.

which indeed, failed. buuuuu

anyhoo, thank you so much for putting up with me deng. it melts my heart thinking you'd even want to go KL with me albeit the strict budget you should be having. sorry for the times where i've ignored/yelled/scoffed/rolled eyes/taekwondo(a lil) at you.

all of that just to ease my stupid jadedness.

(please ignore the scary huge eyes sherene :P)

i am one lucky bujat.

love, S.

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12:00 AM