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Saturday, June 20, 2009
the stories that happened yesterday

It has been a year ago (or was it 2???) where I last last laaast updated my blog. Friends, forgive me for being such a lazy-ass. Thus, I owe you guys LOTSA stuff etc. pictures!!! Apart from the tonnes of assignments and boring lectures, I started off my foundation year with events organized by the UTP Rakan Muda. Most of them included charity works-Titian Budi like gotong royongs, providing tutorial sessions with the village kids and blaaa.
The cute lil girl, they thought was my sister coz the sweet lil fella literally clinged to me all day...hehe
And then there was my drama assignment. Mind you, our group was the whackiest of them all! Our story was more of a cartoonic myth. And I was Spongebob. At first, I was esctatic to know that I'll be one. But as it turns out, I had embarassing thoughts on how I would end up being a clown in front of my friends and mr Bala the lecturer. Fortunately our presentation was The Bomb!
See what I mean by Whacky??!! haha
After presentation
Next, I tried shisha!!! Or however you spell it. That night I went to a place in Ipoh with a couple of friends and one of them suggested that we go for one. The smoke tasted like strawberry...being a newb, I huffed and puffed but eventually nothing came out...absolute nada.
Blimey...soo immature...haha
Then we were told to aka forced to go to this stupid camp in the middle of nowhere...some sort of a jungle in Perak. Four days of fun, exhilirating and scary adventure there. Fun and exhilirating because we did flying fox, nite-tracking, bridge walking, delicious food and others. The Scary part: Slimy, black bloodsuckers...LEECHES!!! One bit me while we were nite-tracking. God knows how it managed to go up my waistline and bit it beacuse I shoved the end of my pants into my socks and sprayed leeches repellant all over my body as a prevention. Stil...I developed a hatred for the bloodsuckers since then. Hah hah
Awi, me, Dn and Tidja, tent-mates.
Then, my fieldtrip. Apart from taking the physical and chemical structures from a few rock examples, we had fun doing non-relevant stuff to the Introduction to Petroleum Engineering assignment together: Fooling around taking funny pictures, moving too near to the dangerous rock site (much to the lecturers horror), hammering the rock structure into bits too much than necessary and my favourite...SHOPPING!!!
At first, fully dedicated to identify the rock structure... and the next thing:
Click! we have covergirl CLEO wannabes...syahmi, zaim, korang memang ade bakat la...
Wuu~ sejuuuuuuukkkkk...liang yi and the ferocious hugger
At Cameron Highlands Cactus Farm...
Soon after, we have Soaring The Eagle (STE) program. It was Shuper fun! And again, the food was yummy!!!
I extremely heart heart the people there, be it the facilitators or Indonesian workers. I have absolutely no regrets of practically dragging myself there. At first, I didn't really wanted to go there. I had actually made up a number of excuses like family problems, constant headache,(wth??) and all sorts of crap you can think of. During STE, man I cried A LOT...it was a very soul-searching program indeed. We mixed with the students from Chad, Turkmenistan and Indonesia.
Me, Serena, Laura, Irsyad and Harold
During our free time, we mostly did karaoke. My boo and I went up the stage after much persuasion by the crowd. We both sang Hot and Cold. Gosh i wonder how we might sound like to the audience...
And you...PMS...like a BITCH! hahaha


They even have a river there. The Guys loved to push each other down the log. Meanwhile, the girls just splashed water around...

All in all, STE was an unforgettable event...

Soon after, I was involved in ICN (International Cultural Night) and performed for the Indonesia. I have always loved dancing, so that was why I took up my friend's offer. Plus, they were also short of Indonesian dancers. We practised for a week before The Day. The Ambassador from Indonesia was coming to watch so we were extremely nervous...but it went quite well and Indonesia and was voted second place for the best perfomance. Yay!

Embut and I

With Embut and the Gang
This was how we worked it...uh huh uh huh

Posing together with the Egyptians
So that's all I could reminisce with you guys here...forgive me Sherene, Cindy, Jia Seng. I know how much you guys must have missed me...and my boo =P
This jerk takes up bullying innocent cute people as his field of interest. Wuu~
Till my next post, *coughcoughnextyear?coughcough* adios!


5:28 PM