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Friday, April 30, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

gotta live like we're dying

my face was in a state so that cover up was necessary

exams over!!!

till the next month :(

but at least i'm finally done with the 3 tests this week. all those sleepless nights, lunch-less days which kept me awake in the afternoons to study are finally overrr! so last night i went to Mcd because double cheeseburger misses Suria Melanie.

i snapped some pictures and then realized how the 3 tests had taken its toll on me. eyebags. blackheads. eek! not to the mention sleepy eyes. eek!

anyhoo...harini cuti, esok cuti, lusa pun cuti. *monkey dance*

aaaand Iron Man 2 dah keluar. can't wait to watch. hehe

today i woke up at 11am, performed my so-much-Qada-Subuh prayer then threw myself back on the bed, pulled the covers, tuned in to mix.fm and laze around for 2 hours. ahh bliss.

but now i'm facing a very huge pile of laundry. anyone care to be my helpful Cinderella? huhu


3:07 PM

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

selamat pagi cikgu!

i have 3 exams this week. got tonnes to study. so much to do, so little time.

i ought to blame myself for not starting off earlier, but if i do so, then i tend to forget what i've learned. but never mind, i'm not alone am i not? hehe

good luck to anyone of you who is having test this week. semoga berjaya.

and sorry for the crappy update :(


love S.


12:47 AM

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

terhangat di pasaran

girls dig him

they coo at him

so he's always under the risks of being kidnapped by the girls

he has a gorgeous smile

he has got dimples that are heart-shaped.

he is so sweeet, he'll give you diabetes

now i shall introduce to you...

Mar Mar!!!

aka the ginger bread man

so. cute.

everybody loves Mar Mar

even moi

:) :) :)


12:00 AM

Monday, April 26, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

of Taj Mahal and hellos

i just got off the phone with my mom who's in India now. The food is okay, but it is very dirty & hot there with overcrowded citizens. She also said she has met a lot of Shah Rukh Khans there, where a majority of them looked just like Anis =.="

erm. anggaplah belakang tu Taj Mahal ye...

She even joked and sort of deduced the theory that his grandparents originated from India/Pakistan. And they were lucky enough to have 'escaped' to Malaysia, a country promising wealth and harmony. Sometimes we talked just about that and then we both hung up. so what do you have to say bout this hon? :P

Omigosh is my fate really with a renowned Bollywood sweetheart???

*lagu Jai Ho kian berkumandang*

My brother's favorite verse from Sonnet#18 by Shakespeare:

Shall I compare thee to a Summer's Day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate...

HAHA ok gangguan semata-mata

Sometimes i dread the phone calls. The line gets pretty bad at most times. Not to mention the laggings. It's pretty obvious when i say something, i can hear my own voice being repeated, then only a while later will i hear my mom's reply.

And just recently I found the only position and place where my signal bar has at least one red bar - on my bed! and i also have to stand up while talking, fixed to that area of the bed. if i moved a little bit, then the line goes poof.

Sometimes we both have to yell in the phone. people who have got no idea on anything might even thought we are fighting. :S

Sometimes i have to choose the right words to say - the most important ones first since she's always running out of credit. man it's like a competition! we both have to compromise on who has to speak first. sometimes when the call has ended and i have forgotten to tell her something uber importante i would get really frustrated. i can't call her back since i did not subscribe for roaming calls.

but it's actually meaningful you know. you'll appreciate someone more now that she/he is no where near you and all those rare phone calls just makes you jump in excitement, but also a frustrating one when you have actually got to the phone and said HELLO HELLO like a barbaric lad so many times but the call finally had ended only to realize that you forgot to press the 'answer' button.



12:00 AM

Friday, April 23, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

A public figure who shall never be forgotten

"If you want to go horse riding, you must learn how to balance yourself. But if you want to run a country, you must learn about money."

Tun Dr Mahathir

I must say that I am impressed with him in person. As our official chancellor, he came today to give a public lecture regarding the 2020 Visionary. The place was pretty occupied that I had to fight for my seat!

It was my first time attending his talk. At the age of 84, he looked good when compared to my grandparents. He's a vegetarian, maybe that explains a lot.

I remember the day he retired from being a PM. I cried. He was such an influential leader with a sharp mind, who could have ever replace him I wonder?

His lecture was awesome. It wasn't boring at all because his words were very interesting, he spoke with such grace and humor. He mentioned that he loved horse riding, so he told us this story of a Turkmenistan PM who gave him a horse from a very good breed. Good to the extend that Napoleon chose only these breeds during any of his wars.

Tun even hired a guy from Turkmenistan just to take care of the horse. However the horse died. So the Turkmen guy told his PM about this. Then the Turkmen PM gave Tun another horse. The horse died again. He told us this in BM and had to lower his voice a bit so the Turkmens here wouldn't tell their PM and send Tun another horse again. But the Turkmen PM meninggal dah larh. HAHA

He even told us how much he HATED doing financial. One thing I learned from him was that no matter how much you dislike a particular matter, it doesn't give you the excuse to do badly in it. Take him for example. During our 1997 financial downturn, despite his lack of interest in financial, our country emerged as the fastest crisis recovery in Asia. How's that?

I love that guy. He spoke with such wisdom that I still think it's a loss that he isn't our PM anymore :(

If you're interested, visit his blog at : http://chedet.co.cc/chedetblog/


12:00 AM

Thursday, April 22, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

Pucker up!

there's one thing where you would never catch me without - lip balms. i have very dry lips and they'll get chapped easily no matter how many gallons of water i gulped down. i wear lip balm at all times, even during my sleep. klau tak, bangun pagi bibir merekah kaler putih bak mayat snow white. zzzz....

so i poured myself a drink today using my house mate's mug which was white in color. after drinking it it left a lip mark as you can see. it very much reminds me of my grandma at home.

whenever you enter the kitchen and see a glass stained with lipstick, you'll know who it belongs to. even the toddlers know this. they just simply look at it in awe first, said "e" and then left it the way it was.

gosh i miss my grandma and her cooking. her chicken curry omaigot... *food orgasm*


12:00 AM

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am on a strict diet from now on. please knock me on my head if you see me eating heavy food. your cooperation is highly appreciated.

thank you.



7:46 AM

the stories that happened yesterday

twilight in Sarawak

when i said "kuningnya hari!" my friends here would give rather awkward looks at me and then laugh. it happened twice okay.

then i understood. they never use such statement here. however in sarawak it's a rather normal thing to say. even my mum, grandma, aunts, cousins, chinese neighbours...


and hey, could you even imagine how it'd be like to translate "twilight" in other languages?

Denmark: Tusmorke

German: Biss

Norway: Evighetens Kyss

Finland: Houkutus

West M'sia: senja / maghrib

then suddenly...


oh no.


12:00 AM

Monday, April 19, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

The journey

to get this

and this

we had to endure 45mins of continous grey ribbon stretched ahead of us, the dim lit road, crazy vehicle drivers, the cold wind painfully striking our faces and ah, the smell of fresh taik lembu. All till we see the huge and comforting mcD sign.

But as they say, it is not the result that is important, it is the journey.

and mine was above all...



12:00 AM

Sunday, April 18, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

On 18th April 2010...

the fab cook,

the vibrant chic,

the sushi king queen,

the sambal in my nasi lemak,

my efficient gula batu supplier,

my witty companion,

Koh Liang Yi
Happy Birthday!

you are one special babe

And may your wishes come true




12:00 AM

Saturday, April 17, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

All the little things...

i never liked jagung bakar. it creates this uncomfortable feeling when it gets stuck between your teeth after eating. but when my roomie bought it for me the other day (she is still unaware of my distaste for jagung bakar), i was flattered so i ate the whole thing up like an ice cream. and flossed afterwards. aaah my savior. hehe.

well, it's the intention that counts kan?

and do you know that UTP has another way of torturing their students? by having really really sharp furnitures. how slick of them... now i have very colorful knees. oh how i love the feeling of the SHARP PAIN piercing when it hits me. tearing my delicate skin apart. and how joyful it is to watch them turn from bloody red to blue blacks!

oh how i love utp! you bring such happiness to my life!

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12:00 AM

Friday, April 16, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

all i ever wanted

guess the driver...

one lazy evening, i got pretty excited to know that i was finally on the right path to a healthy body & mind - exercise. so i was dressed up in a normal tshirt and sweatpants without a hint of makeup.

to my horror when tidja and awie came to pick me up they looked nothing like those wanting to go for a jog.

turns out that we were going to ipoh for ayam penyet. miscom. HAHA. darn. oh well. how can i resist food? foooooood. oh yummy food...

the place was in Ipoh, at the new buidling just opposite jj which is the utpians typical place of hanging out. it was my first time there, and also my very first time to indulge into this sumptuous traditional Indonesian cuisine:

ayam penyet (smashed crispy fried chicken)

time to activate your taste buds:

it is served with marinated chicken, fried beancurd, tempe, boiled kangkong, rice and sambal belacan. unique thing about the ayam penyet is that the chicken is crispy outside and juicy+tender inside. you can taste the herbs and spices with such exquisite details. the sambal belacan i tell you...was blazing hot! so hooray for spicy lovers!

i almost cried and tidja's lips were so red that she did not need any lipstick. puteri stayed serene thoughout the whole meal. rindukan shafiq nakal la tuhh :P

and then we managed to take a couple of strolls around the new area. thumbs up to "De Closet" boutique! they sell woman garments from top to bottom. bags, heels, blouse, dress, skirts, belts, you name it. i bought a ruffled white top and tidja a very square looking handbag. one and only in Malaysia, the shop owner had claimed. i have no idea.

awie still, stayed calm. i was amazed by how she managed to restrain herself from buying anything there. i couldn't. the dresses were all calling for me. wanting me to stroke them, try them on, exchange them for a few Ringgits, put them in a glossy new plastic bag and then bring them home. aaaaaaaaah sinful temptations!!!

and now i have only rm1 in my wallet. sigh...

but it was fun! would really love to go out with you guys again!

and pls make sure that next time i will not be wearing sweatpants for shopping?


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12:00 AM

Thursday, April 15, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

screw merry. it's sushi-go-round!

umdao, liang yi and me terrorized sushi king for lunch yesterday. we drove, no no, we literally flew to Ipoh right after our class. both three were hungry mungry i tell you!

now that i am staying at a new residential, i rarely hang out with umdao. so when liang yi asked me out with the fact that our thailand princess is tagging along i thought, "hey why not?". plus sushi king is having a promotion. purple plate whose normal price was rm6 went down to rm2. so yeah, strike the sushi while it's hot!

oh yes, you may salivate now.

it was a full house by the time we reach there. talking about peak hours and cheap food...

then coincidently we met Eddie and his gf at sushi king and made them join us. the more the merrier! when a table was finally made available, we immediately stretched ourselves towards the awesome-est man-made machine ever - the conveyor belt.

so since it was the promotion, we aimed for the purple plates. it was rough. lots of people were waiting by the belt to snatch the yummy ones - the purple colors mostly. you guys should have seen eddie and the gf. they worked in harmony. when the purple plates were approaching the gf would nudge eddie and he will stretch out his very long hands out and get the best ones first.

they are soo made for each other.

and apart from the time constraint, it was the perfect girls day out.

love love love!



12:00 AM

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

hi. my name's Suria.

it irks me that people use "eh" or "hoi" to call out to you.

i have a name okay. it's Suria. or Melanie. get it?

please don't do that again. (you know who you are)


9:44 AM

the stories that happened yesterday

nothing but your tshirt on

anis and i wanted to go for lunch outside. so i waited by the cafe while he went to get the car. as i walked in, several heads turned - (surprisingly!) to me. i looked back, half expecting some other weirdo that would portray an "eek!" till they stopped halfway through their meals just to stare.

but noo... they were actually staring at me. being aware of the 'situation' i chose my steps carefully, awkardly, to a corner table. i tried to ignore the sharp glares. it is pretty horrendous when people cast weird glances at you okay. like an outcast or an alien soo alien that it just oh well you get my point -.-"

no longer later a few girls nodded towards my direction. so i cranned my neck just to see who they were looking at. hmm. i dont see anyone. just trees. so i decided wth, and had a 5-sec staring contest with them. then they stopped giggling and continued eating, one of them got up and went to the sink, with a thin, embarassed smile on her face.

i don't know. was there something on my face? an opened zip? or was it my top? it was one of the hand me downs which my mum's friend gave me. i like its color. and style. sigh...maybe it was just not my day :(

oh what the hell.


12:00 AM