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Tuesday, March 30, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

who next?

your mother.

who next?

your mother?

and then your father.

On 28th December 1992, our family went through a very rough patch. My dad died. Since then, my mother has taken the role of both father and mother to me and my brother. First of all she had to find a job because she quit hers when she couldn't bear my brother's pleads and cries every morning when we both were taken to the babysitter (she was working as a clerk then). Then my mom found a job and worked really hard since she has suddenly taken the responsibility to feed 3 mouths. So now and then when I started to have negative thoughts on the toughest days I would think of my mom.

Being the youngest, yes, I am a (very) spoiled brat given the privilege that my mom always have a soft spot on me (sori abang!). She would rarely turn down my wants and needs, though I still am confused between the two. Haha.

I was still drinking milk from the bottle when this pix was taken. Sad.

She was always away on her job. I hated it so much that I once hid her flight ticket. But she managed to buy another ticket on the same day anyway. T.T She would normally book her flight time way before dawn, when I was still asleep. Once I found out that she was nowhere to be seen I'l cry and cry till my grandparents had to bring me to my favourite place on earth: The Kuching Waterfront.

The best part was when she brought me along for her worktrip to places like Thailand, Shanghai and Germany. I totally love her for that!

relax, it was jz a toy cigaratte. and that beer? i found it from the counter and for sure i did not drink it! I think i wanted to display the 'mafia look'...

However, if possible, to give her daughter some 'adult thinking' on the bad side of the big big world she would tell me some of her stories starting with "when I was a little girl.......". Well, when I was a little girl, I would normally frown at that statement since it meant just another lecture for me. But later on the years I know behind all this, lies wisdom which a mother is trying to pass to her child.

my mom's version of: when I was a little girl....

-she used to hate going to school because the only road available had maaaaany snakes. Everyday (she solemnly claimed so) a snake would slide out from the long tall grass, and once it had stopped, straighten its back in a defensive manner right in front of her. But luckily it did not attack.

moral of story:

if she was able to attend school without using THAT as an excuse to skip class, then what are the odds for me skipping lectures?

-being poor she had no money to buy shoes that are padded with multifabrics and rubber for comfort and all that. so she had to walk on those pair of shoes which were ultra-thin, that on hot sunny days her little feet had burn marks.

moral of story:

as long as your feet shows no sign of burn marks, don't waste money on buying new shoes. (this i feel like a hypocrite writing since now I have soo many kasut! aiyo!)

need.to.stop.shoeholic.disease. T.T

-having 10 siblings and the eldest sister in the family, she had to babysit (almost all the time) her younger brothers and sisters. it was a tough one, since my uncles and aunts were very naughty back then. my mom once caught her baby sister eating mud and rocks from the backyard and her toddler brother 'ran away' to the neighbour's house across the street - beliau merajuk sebab mak tak kasi duit kaler merah! -.-"

moral of story:

handle your responsibilities well. and don't complain, because life is teaching you to be a better person.

And she always slip in some stories of her being popular among the school kids. And i assure you dear readers, she was and still is beautiful and sizzling. Ulalala!

Growing up she never had the chance to play with REAL toys. So to compensate for that she bought me Barbie dolls and all those girly stuff she couldn't have gotten back in her younger days. Now she digs computer games, aka ZUMA!!!

pemain ZUMA tegar

Words could not describe how blessed I am to have her.




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