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Sunday, March 21, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

And the walls are closing up...

Today is the last day of my mid-sem break. fare well online games, so long waking-up-at-noons, buhbye lazing all day around... *sobs*

for this one week of nothingness i got to chillax after hectic week of exams, in which one of them i totally screwed (i'm not surprised if i failed it). the reason behind this screwness is that i'm a claustrophobic. apekah itu claustrophobic? mai saya eksplen...claustrophobia is a syndrome where you get scared of being closed up in a space. in my case, i can get a cold feet when in the exam hall-literally and technically. dahla aircon kuat, ish!

oooh matilaaaa akuuuuuu!

plus on that screwed-the-test day, i sat next to one of my intelligent coursemates. the test was given an hour. i did my revision, so i got no worries about that. but then again, all that forcefully accumulated knowledge were useless for me on that day. the invigilator announced we can start and i saw people around me with their heads down, each praying that the test goes well. a minute later, the sound of papers rustling were very sharp to my ears. i tried to concentrate, but i can't. i was half way doing my first question when the corner of my eye caught the person sitting next to me-my intelligent coursemate. she was doing the questions like it was so simple, so light, and so...fast...i swallowed. omaigot she has reached the second question! omaigot omiagot.

i exhaled...hookay, i thought...let's just finish this stupid paper and be done with it. i did the first question without a double check and continued with the second question. it was about probability. damnit, i've read this question, but no matter how i racked my brains i still can't figure out how to solve it. flip flip. my 'neighbour' has started doing the last question, i presumed. and does the room looked as if they can sandwich me? why does the room suddenly looked smaller? suddenly my brain came to a halt. i could not think and my ears started to focus on the surroundings, the sound of people coughing, people blowing their nose in the distance, footsteps by the watchful invigilators, and even my own unstable breathing. i looked at my paper again, scribbled some solutions, and skipped those i had no idea of. damn damn damn.

oh how my heart rejoiced at the third question. at least this is very logical, i can do it, i thought. but then, came the fourth question. THE HORROR i tell you. it was due 10mins left till time runs out. Crap! how could i have taken such a long time! and this last question dahla nampak susah! great. so, i did what i profesionally could do-tembak!!!

ok, less than 1 minute left. instead of checking my paper, i looked around. some seats were empty i noticed. they must have gone out earlier maybe cos' the paper was soo damn easy for them. yes, HOW COME THEY??? hookay, concentrate on your failing paper suria...i had only 1 question i was uber confident with the answers. the rest of the questions, well... T.T

i know the lecturer would not give a retest, so i must make sure i do it well with the second test. hope the screwness wouldn't happen again. wuwuwu~

today i went down to ipoh and bought a plant. i placed it on my table. hope it wouldn't die like my cactii. ya, keempat-empat telah pergi ke rahmatullah.

please don't die please don't die...

UTP is soo hot! on our way back to UTP it was raining cats and dogs in the Ipoh area but as soon as we were near UTP, the rain stopped. No, it was as if the rain never really touched the ground here. Anis said that probably UTP was cursed. yes, maybe. UTP, you are cursed beacuse your food sucks and there are too many cow shits outside. when i first came here i had never put a thought on what the black things are by the road side. until one day...me and my friends were walking to the bus stop. i pointed to the 'black thing' and looked closer. it looked like cement. hmm, i thought, maybe the workers left piles of cement here. but hey, how come weeds are growing out of it? i asked my friends. and then i finally hear the magic words: "itu tahi lembu la suriaaaa". damn. how come you lembu!!!

i have class starting at 8 tomorrow, ends at 5pm. just like office hours. oh how i 'love' it. im lovin it! i miss mcD's prosperity burger...without it i no longer have the 'feeling' to go mcD. T.T aiyo i start to crave bout food again, just like Sherene does. I also have a list wowo :

presenting my top ten craves:

1. sambal sotong
2. wantan mee
3. laksa swak
4. ikea swedish meatballs
5. lemon chicken
5. midin belacan
6. umai
7. kacang ma
8. bbq stingray
9. sayo berlada
10. cantonese kueh tiaw

you guys are soo wonderful and tasty, i can have food orgasm. *drools*

i want to play online games now la. so sekian terima kasih. :P :P :P


9:28 PM