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Saturday, February 20, 2010
the stories that happened yesterday

There are 10 things that I love the most.

1. Sambal sotong

I crave for it all the time. And I can NEVER get sick of it. NEVER...

Thus, on my wedding day, I want it to be the main dish! *grins* I don't care if you people are vegetarian or just to scared to eat spicy...you must must MUST have some of this on my wedding day!!! hrmmph!!!

ok, just kidding. If like that no one would show up. It would be just my husband and I. Probably with a few family & friends. And the outsiders would think it is some sort of a private wedding. An exclusive one...or one that's when the bride's 7 months pregnant and she just couldn't bear the attention other people would give her thus the very small amount of guests...

2. Baby pictures

A picture can mean a thousand things. I know that is downright cliche but for me, those pictures with innocent looking things drooling just melt my heart away. Haha. I said "things". How irony is that? Anyway, by just looking at an old pictures brings back both good and bad memories. When I look at my dad's pictures I would start thinking how my life would be if he is still around. Would I be as loud as I am now or the other way around?

It's funny how a picture can either literally motivate or worse, hurt you. The pictures don't talk, they just stay there, demanding your eyes to look at them and figure out the rest.

my mom and I

anis and his dad

Shrek: "Babies??? They cry when they poop and they poop when they cry!" haha

3. Rainbow

Rainbows cheers me up, as if there is hope somewhere in this hectic, ugly world. and at times I still do wonder what lies by the end of the rainbow...fairy creatures and whatnot... ok I know you think I am childish and watched too many cartoons...yeah, I still do watch cartoons now. Like the Madagascar penguins, Simpsons...like if I need a lift in my mood, I would certainly watch them cartoons. Or rather, just close my eyes and sleep. Simple.

4. Cats

I find it weird when people got freaked out by the sight of cats. Sad. Whereas in reality they are the cutest furry things alive! Oops...I said "things" again. Bunyi mcm xda nyawa. LoL. When I see cats, I would instinctively call them Maru Maru. Well at first it was just meow, then to maw, to marr, finally evolved to maru, and because it sounds adorable I said it twice! = maru maru~~~ :P

5. Family & Friends

Without these two groups of people I bet I won't be where I am right now. Family knows something that your friends don't know and friends know a part of you that your family doesn't know of. That's why they are so interconnected. Like when 2 octopus got tangled up since they have too many legs. haha.

However friends can be your family too...being far away from home and the fact that my most of my family members use Digi instead of Celcom makes calling the very last option available. That's why I turned to my friends here. When I'm sad or happy. Because sleeping just doesn't work all the time. Hehehe

6. Beach

This picture was taken when I was 7 years old, at Damai Beach.

Everytime I find it hard to sleep, I closed my eyes and pictured the sea lay before me, foaming and fizzing as it gushed towards me, bubbling as it was sucked back. I kicked off my slippers, feet cold, waiting for the sea to try gobble them up. And the tide is coming, racing towards me. Tremors of excitement filled me as I ran backwards...I inhaled the sea breeze...wind blowing hair into my face...the sound of the sea water splashing by the shore...nothing but pure clarity. I look up, see nothing but cute clouds and try to figure what they look like. A dragon? A bear? Probably Einstein?

I want to go back to that memory on the beach. I want to go back where I was at before my problems come creeping in...

I wanted to picture myself in this situation, playing ball by the beach. Which apparently I am not very good at. The sight of a ball just scares me. I mean, what if it hits me right in the face? Or I accidentally stumbled upon one? and drop face first into the ground? And people thinking "omaigot, that's kinda embarassing....let's just give her a break though. Looks like the ball is going to murder her if not today, then one day..."

Ok I'm being paranoid. :(

7. The jumping pose

I love it! It's as if people just let loose you know...they seemed to forget their problems, thus lighten their minds a lil...so light that they can jump up high!

err yeah.......

8. music

I love music soo much I'd rather be late for class just because I am still unmoved, not aware of the time, just lingering in my room listening to the music. Marie Digby's Avalanche is cool.

9. babies

They gurgle and coo when they are toothless, they ask too many questions when they already have teeth. They laugh a lot. Not even an issue to deal with in their tiny fragrant after-shampoo-heads. Those chubby fingers, cheeks...crying to get the adult's attention is nothing but normal, even we adults still do that...in a discrete manner of course.

They live such happy lives, with hide-n-seek, tag!, pooping and someone is always there to help wash you, spoon-feed you...comfort you...singing you a lullaby, reading you a Sin Chan comic book before you go to sleep...ahh...

10. sunflowers

Do they have any fragrance? Because I've never heard of descriptions from a perfume bottle saying "with a fruity combination of japanese blossoms, strawberries and sunflowers..."

Anyhoo, they are yellow in color and could instantly light up my mood a little. My name means Sun, after all...matahari, or as Punt my Thailand pal translated: Eye Of The Day. Haha that works too, I guess huh Punt? :)


11:46 PM